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At this low, is time to buy bitcoin?

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    privateloader  18-03-2020, Saat: 21:12


    Due to bad news with coronavirus outbreak the price of bitcoin has dropped its value below $5000. It didnt hit the last time low of march of 2019 which was around $3000 but is good time to invest in this asset. Keep in mind that bitcoin will hardly hit the $20000 like it did in December of 2018 but will go up when Facebook Libra goes live as this will create interest in people wanting to invest in crypto. Bitcoin hit around $7000 per unit when Facebook make public that they will create its own crypto coin called Libra and that their services (ads, etc) will use Libra as way of payment. Im not a trader nor should you trust my word for it but i know that when Libra goes live, people will start buying bitcoin and this will make bitcoin value to go up once again. Keep in mind that bitcoin could go up before Libra announcement for any other reason for example if there is a abnormal purchase of bitcoin by exchangers, traders, etc...

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