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Brave Browser and recent technologies (Blockchain, TOR, Torrents, Money and more...)

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    h4cxx  31-12-2019, Saat: 21:58


    Brave Browser is a blockchain powered browser, it uses a technology called Basic Attention Token which is virtual money that you can use to reward webmasters and users directly. The advantage of this Basic Attention Token is the decentralized blockchain that covers when you are low and avoid comments like you only have this amount of money which is really low if compared to the economy and it's also beneficial when you are high as you will avoid comment like "Now you are rich" been that rich $50 bucks.

    A recent technology is the possibility of opening TOR addresses directly in a privacy protected window. Yes, you can open .ONION addresses without requiring to open Tor Browser. Brave browser can take the job of Tor Browser and offer the same quality and experience while surfing in the deep or dark web completly protected.

    Another technology that is very popular is torrents. Brave browser comes with a Torrent client, so, the user can manage torrent downloads without requiring a third party program like uTorrent or BiTorrent.

    Something that is been used regulary is the ability to make money with Brave Browser by viewing Brave Ads. For this to work a user just need to find websites with Brave Ads installed and you are ready to collect. Surf as many sites as you want and collect those BAT. 

    Note: Brave Browser has release a website where users can see approved Brave Ads publishers.

    BAT - Basic Attention Token Exchangers
    Everything you do inside Brave Browser you can be paid in BAT and is possible to keep in a wallet or exchange BAT in a exchanger. Check here for crypto convertions from BAT to Bitcoin. https://www.bestchange.com/bat-to-bitcoin.html?p=936130

    Note: The link above is for BAT to BTC exchangers but you can convert BAT to any currency you want just by surfing the main page of BestChange (https://www.bestchange.com/?p=936130), select BAT and the currency you want to exchange.

    Now that you have see the awesomeness of Brave Browser, install now...

    Download Brave Browser
    BestChange - Best Exchange Rates for E-Currencies - https://www.bestchange.com/?p=936130

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