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Correct Suggestions About How To Wash Half Wigs

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    lovehair  05-01-2021, Saat: 06:06

    Before you wash your half wigs, there are a few critical steps you can not skip. First, it is imperative that you fully comb out your wig with a wide tooth comb. Any snags in your wig can lead to loss hair in the future. After you comb out your wig, check for any hanging tracks. Over time the thread in certain places may break or sag causing tracks to come out of place. Before you wash your wig, sew back all the tracks that need to be fixed. Once your finish sewing, you're ready to start washing your wig.   

    Here are some tips for you:
    Pre-wash: Before shampooing, gently remove any tangles from your HD lace wigs. Always use a mild shampoo or one specifically formulated for chemically treated hair.
    Shampoo: Do not soak. soaking might cause the lace part wigs to tangle. Once the hair is thoroughly wet, apply a small amount of shampoo; using your fingers, distribute the shampoo evenly throughout the hair.
    Wash: Run the hair under warm (not hot) water. Gently work the shampoo into the hair, stroking downwards from the top to the ends. Do not twist, scrub, or rub the hair.
    Comb: While wet, gently comb the hair to remove tangles. Using a large-toothed comb, move in a downward motion away from the clips and to the ends. Do not use a bristle brush on wet hair as it may pull out or break the hair.
    Rinse: Rinse the 100 percent human hair wig under a gentle stream of cold water until no shampoo or suds remain. To avoid tangling, ensure the water flows from the cap to the ends of the hair. Remove the excess water by gently blotting with a towel.
    Condition: Apply a small amount of conditioner, using your fingers to evenly distribute it throughout the hair.
    Dry: Hang to air dry, set in rollers, or use a blow dryer on a low setting, as desired. Your human hair products will not require washing as often as your own hair, wash only when they start to look dull and lifeless.
    How long it lasts depends on how healthy your hair is. It also depends on how do you maintain your lace wig. Such as: How often you wash your wig using shampoo? How hot is your water? How healthy your wig is? What products do you use in your wig? In general, how long lace front wig lasts is really based on your hair and the way you care for your real hair wig. If you have healthy strong lace wig and maintain it properly your wig will last longer.

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