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Correct Ways To Use Your Hair Wigs

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    lovehair  16-10-2020, Saat: 06:22

    As we all know, there are more than one or two ways of installing hair wigs! It's not just your typical glue and sew-in methods that seem to be the most popular. There are tons of methods! Some are even so easy that you can do it yourself.

    This is a very detailed bald cap method frontal  wig  install tutorial, it is friendly to beginners. Learn the skills and do it yourself.


    Before you install your human wigs , we suggest you should wash your scalp with shampoo to make sure it is clean and oil-free. Then plucked and bleaching the knots so that it has a natural hairline if necessary. Just take your time with this process, it's very crucial.Then you can install the wigs as these steps:


    Type # 1: Pluck Your Wig

    One thing that'll make a wig look more natural is a plucked hairline, since the lace underneath the hair is meant to look similar to your scalp. You can do this on your own by placing the wig either on your head or on a mannequin and simply grabbing some tweezers and picking out hairs along the hairline as well as the part. If there's no part already on the wig, you can make one by plucking. Ideally, you should space out the plucking to create a more natural effect, but just be sure not to damage the lace in the process.


    Type # 2: Make Sure the Lace Fits Your Face

    Speaking of making your wig look natural, you should also make sure the wig fits your face by cutting off any extra lace it may have come with. Place the wig on your head first to get an idea of how you want it to sit, then start cutting the excess lace along the hairline and near the ears.


    Type # 3: Blend the Lace

    Some lacefronts come with lace that isn't customized to match the color of every person's scalp. You can easily fix this problem by grabbing some finishing powder or concealer you already have and gently brushing it along the hairline and part.


    Type # 4: Take Care of Your Wig

    This should go without saying, but you should be taking just as much care of your wig as you would your natural hair, especially if the wig is made out of human hair. Wigs are convenient because you can just take them of whenever you want to, but if you do that, try not to leave it laying around where it can get tangled or dirty. Leave it on a mannequin or even in the packaging it came in.

    Additionally, you should also be regularly washing and conditioning your wig to keep it looking and smelling fresh.

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