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Do You Know How To Measure Wigs?

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    ashleyhair  05-06-2021, Saat: 06:35

    Many people have begun to buy wigs as their own accessories, but you need to know something about wigs before you can buy a suitable wig. For example, do you know how to measure a wig? Which length of the wig is suitable for you? Today I will answer you one by one.

    How To Measure A Wig?
    When you buy real lace front wigs, you may find that there are a variety of lengths for options, short, medium-length, and long length. But would you like to know what length means? The measurement listed on the wig is an approximation of where the hair on the unit will fall after it’s installed. To give you an idea, if the length is 16 inches, the hair will land about 16 inches from the top of the head.

    1.As for straight hair wig
    Using a tape or a ruler to measure from the hair root on the top of your head all down to the end of your hair strands. That’s the exact wig length.
    2.As for curly or wavy hair wig 
    Stretch the wig strands. Make sure it is as straight as possible. This will give you a more accurate measurement since curly or wavy hair looks much shorter than straight ones. While the hair is still stretched, measure the HD lace wig length from the roots on the crown of your head down to the bottom of the hair. There will be a more precise measurement if the hair was placed in a wig strand first. Curly wigs will appear 1 to 2 inches shorter than the actual length of hair strands because the hair has deeper curls throughout length of the hair.
    As you can see from this picture below that the same wig length measurement varies in actual length depending on the hair texture. One inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters, which means that 16 inches equal to 40.64 centimeters. 20 inches is 50.8 centimeters long.

    Tips In Choosing The Perfect Wig Length
    1.Match with your height
    The height should be taken into account while choosing the right length. If you are petite, choosing a long wig makes you look even shorter. But if you go for a short or mid-length color 27 wig, it will appear that you are taller than you are.
    2.Suit your face shape 
    It will look better than others for the women with a square face shape to wear short-length hair, like bob wigs. If you have a diamond face shape, a mid or long-length wig with curls or waves will look better.
    3.Balance your body structure
    The hair length you select can enhance your physical features positively or negatively. Some things to be considered are the length of your neck and your torso. If your figure is tall and slim, then medium-length or longer hair will help you gain a more feminine look. However, it will look less charming if you select the too-short length. Identify your body structure and determine which length will look best.
    4.Always go an inch longer
    Having the longer option is safe because you can always cut the extra inches off anyway. Dealing with unnatural, shorter wigs means having to sacrifice a few inches off your natural hair just to make ends meet. You wouldn’t like that.

    West Kiss Hair provides all black women with high-grade and beautiful wigs made of 100% real human hair. There are various styles and lengths of wigs for you to choose from so that you can have a different beauty.
    Come and buy a wig at West Kiss Hair!

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