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[Emails4Hits] Classificados Chapeco Partial Email Dump hacked 27 of October of 2019 -

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    privateloader  28-10-2019, Saat: 20:15

    In 27 of October of 2019 Classificados Chapeco suffered a scrap attack and partial email dump was extracted containing 7700 emails nevertheless after removing duplicates (4415 emails) only 3285 emails were present.

    Chapeco is a city in the state of Santa Catarina, on the south of Brazil with it's own classified site located at http://www.chapeco.org.

    Note: This email dump can be used for spamming or to geografically target each email owner by sending emails in portuguese. Keep in mind that a user can send emails asking for more info about the ad they placed online and in this way win free hits.

    Site: http://www.chapeco.org/classificados/


    Download 2:

    Download 3:

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