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Free Email SPAM v1.0 - Send spam from super brands

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    Free Email SPAM v1.0 is a program that takes advantage of super brands to send spam to user emails. This is the most elitist method of delivery spam online.

    Free Email SPAM v1.0 - Added Countries:
    Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Turkey & USA 

    Free Email SPAM v1.0 - Added Super Brands
    Otto, Postbank.de, Idealo, Bijou Brigitte, Calzedonia, Gobierno del Mexico, Focus Online NL, Jornal A Bola, Jornal Record, Jornal Publico, Jornal JN, Jornal O Jogo, Jornal de Negocios, Noticias ao Minuto, Clube FC Porto, Clube SL Benfica, Clube Sporting de Portugal, Jornal Diario de Noticias, Jornal DNoticias, Agência Abreu, Ourivesaria Atlantis, Bershka, Boutique Dos Relógios, Cortefiel, Inside Shops, Mister Minit, Oysho, Intimissimi, iStore, Lion Of Porches, Prof, Salsa Star, Springfield, Women Secret, Tiffosi, Zara, H&M Fashion, Sport Zone, Massimo Dutti, Punt Roma, AKI, Deichmann, Azarius, KP.ru, DNS Shop, MVideo, Tino Gonzalez, Milliyet, Haber Turk, Walmart, Columbia Sportswear.

    Note: Reply with your country or super brand that you would like to add.

    Download: (Link updated: 23/03/2019)

    (Son Düzenleme: 23-03-2019, Saat: 21:51, Düzenleyen: privateloader.)

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