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How to download multiple files from same hoster for free with Brave

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    h4cxx  02-03-2020, Saat: 11:27


    To download multiple files from same hoster for free start by installing Brave Browser (http://bit.ly/_brave_browser). Once installed open Brave Browser and press Alt + Shift + N, this will start a private window that uses Tor technology. Tor technology hides your real ip and uses a onion router ip in that window. If the window says No Internet, point your cursor to the button in the right upper corner of the window and select New Tor Connection For This Site. After the file begin to download open a new private window using the plus signal, write the second file to download and hit enter to open. Then press New Tor Connection For This Site.

    Repeat this for all the files to download...

    Download Brave Browser:
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