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How to make money with Brave Browser and Brave Ads?

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    If you didn't already installed Brave Browser (Download it here http://bit.ly/_brave_browser).

    How do you make money?
    Brave Browser is a chromium based browser aim to keep the user information private, it blocks trackers and replaces ads in websites for their own Ads. This Ads are called Brave Ads and Brave pays both the webmaster and the visitors. The webmaster get paid for giving space for ads and visitors get paid for their attention. Both get paid using Brave Cryptocurrency called BAT (Basic Attention Token).

    How do i get BAT?
    • You can add funds.
    • You can earn tokens from viewing ads.
    • Occasionally, you'll be offered free token grants from Brave.

    What do i need to do?
    1 - Download Brave Browser (http://bit.ly/_brave_browser)
    2 - Visit brave://rewards and setup your UpHold Account
    3 - Start surfing online with the browser

    Why do i have to create a account with UpHold?
    Brave Browser works with BAT (Basic Attention Token). To manage balance, make transfers, etc with BAT you need a UpHold account.

    Yes, it's all beautiful. But how do i get paid?
    Any money you make with Brave Ads is hold by the browser. If you already configured a UpHold account in brave://rewards it's all set. Once you got balance on your UpHold account you can transfer to a bank account, in crypto, tip webmasters, etc.

    What docs do i need to setup a UpHold account?
    When registering with UpHold you will need to verify your account. This is done by submiting a photo of your ID Card + Selfie.

    Any recomendations?
    - Yes, deactivate Auto-Contribute in brave://rewards.
    - Keep an eye on your balance.
    - Keep the browser for 30 days to collect rewards.
    PacketStream - Make up to $0.10 per GB. Minimum Payout: $5.00 - http://bit.ly/Packet_Stream
    StreamSB - Make money uploading videos - Minimum Payout: $20 - https://bit.ly/_StreamSB
    Pure VPN 2 - Protect your data with the best vpn - https://bit.ly/Pure_VPN_2

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