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Modern Business Solutions leaked October 2016 - Free Download

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    privateloader  08-05-2019, Saat: 18:14

    In October 2016, a large Mongo DB file containing tens of millions of accounts was shared publicly on Twitter (the file has since been removed). The database contained over 58M unique email addresses along with IP addresses, names, home addresses, genders, job titles, dates of birth and phone numbers. The data was subsequently attributed to "Modern Business Solutions", a company that provides data storage and database hosting solutions. They've yet to acknowledge the incident or explain how they came to be in possession of the data.

    Compromised data: Dates of birth, Email addresses, Genders, IP addresses, Job titles, Names, Phone numbers, Physical addresses

    My Notes
    The data present in this leak match with an email i have tested. The entry has a lot of useful information that can be used in a dox or just to collect data from a user.

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    Compressed: 1.94 GB
    Uncompressed: 17.49 GB

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