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PayPerInst - Make money with installing adware

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    privateloader  17-04-2020, Saat: 15:51


    PayPerInst main goal is to offer to webmasters a solution that generates downloadable setups with adware to install in the visitors computer. PayPerInst pays up to $0.30 per install on Windows.

    To make money with PayPerInst Assistant a webmaster must install the scripts and generate download links to be viewed by the visitors.

    But... There is a alternative that can be used to make money with PayPerInst without hosting anything.

    1 - Register here - http://bit.ly/Pay_Per_Install
    2 - Confirm your email.
    3 - On PayPerInst control panel, press ctrl+-, and reduce the size of the page to less than 50%.
    4 - Click on Files.

    5 - Upload your file but keep in mind that this section only exists for the purpose of making money and not to store your files as it gets deleted after 30 days.

    6 - Now, next to your uploaded file there is a small copy icon, click on it to copy the link.

    7 - Now share your link...

    Here is a download example

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