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Rapidgator Remote Upload - Free Download

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    privateloader  10-04-2020, Saat: 16:01


    Rapidgator Remote Upload is a tool to remote upload files to your Rapidgator account. The program only accept files from servers with direct http access (Example: http://mysite.com/myfile.rar) and not from other file hosting sites. The user can upload as much files as he or she wants using this free feature.

    Notes: This program was been developed for small files...
    Status: Waiting - Means the file is in queue. (Use the Rapidgator site to get the link)
    Status: Downloading - Means the file is been downloading. (Use the Rapidgator site to get the link)
    Status: Done - Means the file was uploaded succefully and the link is below the status.

    Download 1:

    Download 2:

    Virus Scan:
    Plain text, open with notepad.

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