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TOR for Browser v3.1.6 (demo) - The most advanced security to surf online

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    privateloader  12-02-2019, Saat: 12:05


    TOR for Browser v3.1.6 (demo) is a tool to surf the internet completly anonymous by using 2 incapsulations.

    How to use:
    1) Select a number from Circuit 1
    2) Select a number from Circuit 2
    3) Select Access type
    4) Type the site to visit
    5) Hit Go!

    There is in each Circuit 20 proxy servers.
    This proxy servers must be combined using Circuit 1 and Circuit 2.
    Using this will increase the anonymity of the connection.

    Also there is two options in Access:
    Restricted - Blocks Cookies, JavaScript and Objects
    Unrestricted - Allow Cookies, JavaScript and Objects


    Virus Scan 
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