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UK Consumer Marketing (2017, 8M) - Free Download

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    h4cxx  03-02-2020, Saat: 04:15

    At least three files appended in one CSV including 1.5 million records and at least 300,000 unique home telephone numbers.

    Listings: 7,950,031

    Fields: id title forenames surname email homePhone mobilePhone dob houseNumber street city county postCode age address1 address2 address3 ip homeowner individualUrn userId deliveryUrn address4 workEmail unk5 maritalStatus processDate timeStamp nationalInsuranceNumber monthsAtResidence source typeOfIncome debtLevel numberOfDebts unk20

    Info 1: I have cross reference the data and i got 9 results that it seems to be correct.

    Download 1:

    Download 2:
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