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What is PacketStream and how you can make money with it?

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    privateloader  17-09-2020, Saat: 01:01


    PacketStream is a program for Windows, MacOS and Linux that turns your computer into a proxy. Once installed it will wait for proxy connections from paying PacketStream clients. The PacketStream clients can purchase proxy access from PacketStream website and receive unrestricted access to the proxy. The bandwidth used by the PacketStream network is measured and paid according to the usage. PacketStream is paying $0.10 per GB.

    The downside is that proxies in best geolocations gets a much higher usage.
    The upside is that PacketStream works in the background and doesn't reduce drastically the performance of your computer.

    Register and download here
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    privateloader  12-12-2020, Saat: 19:52

    Got paid from PacketStream!

    Payment: Next friday after payment request
    Payment method: Paypal
    Minimum payout: $5

    Register & Download

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