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Why Brave Browser is better than CryptoTab!!!

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    h4cxx  14-01-2020, Saat: 16:31

    Both Brave Browser and CryptoTab allow the user to make money. Brave Browser relays on Basic Attention Token and CryptoTab relays on Bitcoin Mining.

    Brave Browser
    The user can make money by using the browser and viewing Brave Ads or clicking in push notifications that is send to the browser. Each viewed ad will reward users and webmasters. Also each push notication click will make around 0.20 BAT.

    CryptoTab Browser
    With CryptoTab browser the user will make money by mining bitcoin while surfing online. The advantage of this browser is if the user have some satoshis on the wallet and the price goes up, your balance will go up too.

    During a test with the two browsers, 6 push notifications in Brave Browser generated $0.12 cents. Mining with CryptoTab took more than a week to generated $0.10 but because Bitcoin went up the same week, the profit was around $0.30.  

    Here is the links to download both browsers:
    Brave Browser - http://bit.ly/_brave_browser
    CryptoTab Browser - http://bit.ly/Orange_Pie
    BestChange - Best Exchange Rates for E-Currencies - https://www.bestchange.com/?p=936130

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